ECOBANK Switches to E-Zwich To Identify Account Owners

In a move to improve security, ECOBANK Ghana now requires its savings account holders to confirm their identity via an e-zwich card if they want to withdraw money over the counter. The new requirement has been in effect since mid-February.

This move by the bank is expected to ensure that forged signatures can no longer be used to withdraw money. The bank ensures that the accounts are however not going to be linked to the e-zwich card. Customers who withdraw money solely with an ATM card will not be affected by the move.

In related news, the ECOBANK ATMs located at 37 near Max Mart have been closed. The Total Filling Station and the Bonjour restaurant which are located adjacent the ATMs are currently under renovation, and  we suspect that the ATMS will be re-opened when the renovation of the restaurant and filling station are done.


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