5 Tips for Selling on Google Trader in Ghana

Google Trader is an online marketplace that offers people an opportunity to post offers for various products and services. The service is  available for free once a person has a Google account.

The rapid growth of the service has made it quite difficult to get offers from people. Everyday, hundreds (if not thousands) of new items are featured on Ghana’s region of Google Trader and it’s getting harder to sell stuff there. It’s a buyer’s market now. Here are 5 quick tips to sell your products quickly on Google Trader.

1. Mind your categories. Categories exist for a reason: to allow a buyer find what s/he is looking for in the fastest way. If you are selling a mobile phone, place it under the Phones category not the Electronics category.

2. Use keywords. You want to sell an HP laptop? Use the HP and laptop keywords. That extra effort will make it easier for your offer to show up when a buyer filters the search.

3. Provide product information. For most products, product information can easily be found online. It won’t be too much of a problem for you to copy and paste the product information and add it it to your listing. The extra information could convince a buyer that you know what you are selling.

4. Stay competitive by giving price ranges. As we’ve already pointed out, it’s a buyer’s market. Price is therefore one sticking point. In order to be competitive, try giving your prices in ranges. Pick from a price just below the lowest price of the item you see online and just below the highest price. This will get people to call you.

5. Update your listing regularly. Google Trader by default ranks the listing from the newest to the oldest. Anytime you update your listing, it goes right up to the first in the list of that category. This should ensure that you will have the buyer’s attention.


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  1. @Readjerome, So how do u prevent market crowing despite these advice, because, in ur own words,”Everyday, hundreds (if not thousands) of new items are featured on Ghana's region of Google Trader and it's getting harder to sell stuff there.”

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