Transport Fares Will Not Be Increased – Transport Operators

The General Secretary of the Ghana Road Transport Co-ordinating Council and Chairman of the National Transport Fares Committee, Alhaji Aliu Baba, has assured the public that transport fares were not going to increase as a result of the increase in fuel prices by the National Petroleum Authority.

While criticising the government for not consulting them before the price increases, Alhaji Baba, felt that a 3% increase will not warrant an increase in fuel prices because they had earlier on had an understanding that any increase  in fuel prices above 5% would not affect transport fares.

The NPA announced an increase in fuel prices on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Petrol and LPG have seen a 3% increase in price while Diesel has increased by 2%. The price of kerosene however, remains unchanged.

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