Tips for buying second-hand consumer electronics on Tonaton


Buying consumer electronics can be quite an investment so you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Say you want to buy phones in Ghana, you’re going to consider quality and affordability. But quality items are usually not affordable. Unless of course, you choose to go to the second-hand market.

The advantages of buying second-hand consumer electronics is that you get a quality (or at least genuine) product at a lesser cost. The disadvantage is that it is used and that comes with potential dangers like a compromise in the make up of the product or deterioration of some of its components.

If you’re buying consumer electronics on Ghana’s biggest e-commerce website, Tonaton, the following tips will help you.

  1. Be sure of what you’re looking for beforehand. Know the brand and the model you want and search for that. This ensures that you’re able to meaningfully make a comparison of the prices asked by each merchant and thus make the best deal.
  2. Pick a location close to you. Try to get the product from as close a location as possible. This should save you a large sum in transport costs and make it easier to keep in contact with the merchant.
  3. Get someone who is familiar with the product to go with you. It’s always best if you have some knowledge of the product you want to buy so that you can make a judgment on its quality upon examining it. If not try to get someone who knows about it to go with you.

If you take your time in buying, you could land some really good products at an affordable price by buying second-hand.


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