Tips for buying used phones from Tonaton


There are two options for getting a phone if the model you desire is above your budget. You can get a lower model or you can buy a used version of the model.

Of course a used phone comes with some inherent disadvantages that one has to be willing to bear. These include the lack of a warranty, the usual lack of accessories and a lower useful life. But if you’re shrewd in bargaining, the reduced cost of getting your dream phone is worth these disadvantages.

If you want to buy phones in Ghana – used or new, one convenient place to do that is, Ghana’s biggest e-commerce website. If you do intend to buy from them here are some tips to help you.

1. Learn as much as possible about your preferred brand beforehand. This will ensure that when you do meet the vendor you can be sure the phone is genuine and you can estimate how much it has been used.

2. Go with accessories to test everything. When meeting the vendor, go along with a charger, an earpiece and any other accessory you can get. Test all of them and be sure they are working before you pay for it.

3. Give a price range you are willing to pay beforehand. Do not agree on a price before you have examined the device. Give a price range you are willing to pay based on the condition of the phone.

Happy shopping.


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