Ghana’s crazy trade

The saying that money cannot buy life is true, but life has been buying money ever since humans appeared. It is no surprise then that Ghana has continued in the distinguished human tradition of exchanging life (in this case water) for money (in this case gold).

How else can one explain this damning information, captured so brilliantly by this infographic, that Ghana’s waterbodies have been significantly destroyed by gold mining?

50 PERCENT of the major natural water resources tested have been polluted. ACUTE WATER SHORTAGE looms in the Eastern, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions. By 2030 there will be ZERO TREATABLE WATER SOURCES in the country according to the Water Research Institute. Our water quality has reduced from FAIRLY GOOD in 2005 to POOR QUALITY in 2014.

And all of this for what? For gold. This must be one of the most remarkable displays of short-sightedness ever exhibited by this country. And the fact that it is not a political issue in an election year is even more frightening.

Perhaps the drought that hit Ghana in the first quarter of this year has been forgotten but I fear that if nothing significantly changes, we will have many more to deal with.


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