Some of the best financial and life advice I read this year

I wrote a few personal finance posts this year although it is far from my favourite field. Some people expect financial advisers to be able to guide them to wealth no matter their current income or other conditions.

My usual advice to people is to go with safe, trusted investments that they understand. Not exactly exciting, I know. So I’ve decided to gather some of the best financial and life advice that I’ve read this year (not necessarily written this year) that I found useful. Hopefully this makes up for my boring posts. Enjoy!

20 Rules of Personal Finance by Ben Carlson, CFA

Achieving your investment goals by Omega Capital

How I dealt with failure by Michael Batnick, CFA

The only basic financial advice you’ll ever need by Cullen Roche

How to get your money to work harder: The power of compound interest by Patrick Edem Agama

The one app you need to achieve your savings target in 2016 by Terry Abban

Essential tips on when to buy in bulk to save more towards your savings goal by Naa Oyoo Kumodzi

On going solo, digital/occupational burnout, and wellness by Jemila Abdulai

PS: I may update this list as I’m still reading.


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