The most underrated investment

In quite a few previous posts I have warned against any one particular investment which will make you rich. But there is one investment which I recommend everyone should make and which a lot of people, myself included, are failing at.

This is an investment which pays great dividends and benefits not only the individual but the individuals family, employers and country. There is zero possibility of taking a loss on this investment. I’m talking about investing in your health.

I know this is actually a difficult thing to do. For many people work is taking longer and longer hours and coming with stress; less sleep than we should be having; too little activity due to the sedentary nature of jobs; and poor nutrition. I can relate to all of this and that is in part why I am writing this post.

Health problems will quickly eat into a savings pile like few things can. It reduces or curbs productivity, which means you lose income.

Making an effort to improve your health is never a wasted exercise. It is worth the time and the money and, unlike some of the more touted investments, there is no downside.

So that is it. The most underrated investment is investing in your health. I think its time I added my health to my portfolio and followed it as closely as I do some economic and market data. I think you should too.



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