Top Five European Football Clubs with Ghanaian Fans

Football is more than a sport in Ghana. It’s a passion worthy of attention morning, afternoon and evening, especially among men. It’s hard to find a Ghanaian male without a passionate support for a football club. Although there’s a lot of interest in the local football league, it its eclipsed by the intense dedication to the top European leagues.

This list looks at the European clubs with the most Ghanaian fans. If you disagree with anything on this list or you want to make your own list, please comment.

5. Real Madrid 

Madrid’s galaxy may not have shined as bright in recent years, but they have managed to keep hold of some Ghanaian soccer fans. Most of their fans tend to be those who remember their glory days and a handful of them simultaneously support a team in the English premiership.

4. Arsenal

The artillery of the gunners may have lost a bit of its potency, but Arsenal are still a darling club to many Ghanaian soccer clubs. They have suffered heartbreak after heartbreak but gooners still cling to the belief that their team is one of the best in Europe. They’re quick to criticise Arsene Wenger, their coach of many years, but many are not sure if a new coach would do better. Most Arsenal fans are of the Thierry Henry stock, holding fondly to the days when the Frenchman dazzled defenders on his way to top scorer awards.

 3. Chelsea

The Blues may be newcomers to grand European success but they have already won for themselves a place in the heart of many a Ghanaian football fan. The signing of Ghanaian mid-fielder, Michael Essien, in 2005, led to an explosion in support for the London-based club. Although most Chelsea fans would argue that they have been fans for much longer, the club had very few fans before they found success with the arrival of their billionnaire owner, Roman Abramovich. Chelsea fans tend to be sympathetic to Real Madrid, thanks to their bitter rivalry with Barcelona.

2. Barcelona

Just like Chelsea, many of Barcelona’s Ghanaian fans are new converts. The club did have a following in the days of Rivaldo but this was eclipsed by the support that Ronaldhinho won them. The argument can be made that the Ghanaian love for European soccer is best displayed when Barcelona and Chelsea play against each other in the Champions League. Barcelona fans tend to preach the superiority of the Spanish La Liga to English Premier League.

1. Manchester United

The Red Devils are number one in Ghana, as indeed they are elsewhere in Africa. Their fans cut across every age group. Many remember the night they snatched the Champions League trophy in the dying minutes of the game against Bayern Munich. Ghanaians who do not support Man U regularly taunt them for their lack of interest in African players. This has however not daunted the Man U loyalists. They have absolute confidence in Sir Alex Ferguson, and they refer to him as the greatest coach/manager of all time.


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