5 Things to Consider When Picking a Research Topic

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For most degrees, you’ll need to write a dissertation before you can graduate. For most young people, it is going to be the most frustrating experience of your life up til that point. You can save yourself a great deal of hassle by choosing the right topic from the start. Here are ten things to consider when choosing a topic.

1. Has it been done before? Originality may count for something, but having a similar research work you can benchmark on would save you a lot of hair-pulling. If a research was done in Nicaragua, you can do the same research in Ghana. Be careful not plagiarise.

2. How easy would it be to find data? If your research is like most, you may need to gather data at one point. Topics that may require secret details from persons or corporations would most likely lead you to a brick wall. Pick research topics that require secondary data to save yourself the stress of designing and giving out questioners.

3. How long will it take? Don’t pick research topics that demand observation over long periods. You might not have the time to complete it.

4. How much will it cost? You will most likely make several print-outs for your supervisor, spend tonnes in data surfing the internet, make several trips and even calls. Having a budget to start with would help you .

5. Can you defend it? If you are unable to defend your conclusion after the research, you will have suffered in vain. Think of all possible criticisms and questions on your work and prepare adequate answers for them.


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