Minimum Qualification to Lecture in Ghana

In order to lecture in Ghanaian universities, the National Accreditation Board (NAB) requires that a person should have a terminal degree i.e. a PhD.

However, a person can lecture with a researched Masters degree. The research component of the masters degree must be of at least one year duration. Such a degree includes an M Phil (Master of Philosophy).

With the growing popularity of MA, MBA and M.Sc. degrees in the country, it is expected that the requirement may generate an interest in the acquisition of M Phil degrees, which are still not as popular outside the field of the Arts.

The NAB seems to want to update Ghanaian university standards to the global level.


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  1. Lecturing is an advance teaching so I feel every lecturer should have a teaching cert. In addition to which ever qualification

    • Most schools offer training in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – for their have attended one before, and this August I will be in another week-long training session.
      I am happy about these training because I feel my B.Ed is not enough to teach at the uni level.

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